ABA JAM 2020 – Cancelled

Aba Jam 2020 Alphabee - Photo of Lisa

ABA JAM 2020 – Cancelled

AlphaBee is pleased to present at ABA JAM 2020, on March 13th, from 3-4 pm, at Metro Convention Center. The topic of this year’s presentation is “Teaching Learners with Autism to Engage in Verbal Mediation during Complex Tasks.”

Speaker: Lisa Kota, AlphaBee Senior Therapist.

About the Presentation

AlphaBee has been implementing these procedures for over 4 years with great success with many learners, and is excited to share program samples and video illustrations of program implementation!

This presentation will review procedures to teach mediating strategies such as rehearsal of an instruction and acting on a self-echoic, tacting items and actions in the current environment for later recall, and learning to ask oneself questions as a complex problem-solving technique. A joint control procedure to interrupt perseverative behaviour will also be reviewed.

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