Top 5 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions for your consideration before proceeding to the Service Enquiry Form


Sessions for children ages 3+ range from 8 to 25 hours per week, minimum 4 hours per session.  Sessions for children under the age of 3  are at minimum of 3 hours per session, 6 to 15 hours per week.

Q2. What are your fees for 1:1 ABA services (3 and up)?

Please see below examples of fees for ABA services based on hours per week. For enrollment, we require a  minimum of  a 3 month service commitment.

Hours per weekFees per MonthFees per 6 monthsFees Annually

*Service Fees in table above do not include total amount for program planning fee (15 mins per session) as it will vary depending on number of sessions

**this chart reflects current fees and are subject to change without notice; fee changes within a service agreement period will be made with 60 days notice

Q3. What does the Hourly Service Fee include ?

  • 1:1 direct ABA sessions with Instructor Therapist, Senior Therapist and or Clinical Supervisor
  • Assessments, Reports and report review meetings.
  • Clinical review & monthly Clinical team meetings (billed as Family and Team Meetings)
  • Program planning -An additional 15 minutes per session is billed to cover data management, program and material preparation.
  • Billable child cancelation – IT will complete program and material preparation in your child’s absence
  • Consultation/meeting with other professionals who provide other services (e.g., SLP, OT, ABA consultant) – If applicable.  This would be pre-arranged with parents before being scheduled 

Q4.  What is your cancellation policy?

  • Instructor Therapist cancellation: AlphaBee shall make every effort to coordinate a replacement for that session with an Instructor Therapist. If the parents choose not to have a replacement, the sessions will be treated as cancelled by parents and billed accordingly.  If AlphaBee is unable to find a replacement therapist, that session will not be billed.
  • Parent Cancellations: If Parents cancel a session with less than 24 hours’ notice: session will be billed according to regular billing, regardless of the reason for being absent. If a parent cancels with more than 24 hours’ notice the session will not be billed, up to 2 per month.  Regular billing will apply beyond two cancelled non-billable sessions (with more than 24 hours’ notice) within one calendar month.

Q5. What is your payment schedule?

Families may opt to provide their OAP Core Clinical Funding directly to AlphaBee and receive monthly paid Invoice statements. Alternately, families may opt to provide a deposit and pay monthly Invoices (see deposit below)

  • 10 days prior to the start of services, families will make a deposit against the last month of service,  equivalent to one month of service.  The standard formula used for the deposit is the number of hours per week x hourly rate x 4.3333 weeks.  
  • When services commence, monthly invoices will be sent to parents on the 1st of the Month following the month of service, with payment due by the 5thof the same month. 

For example, you will receive your November invoice on December 1st ; payment for November’s invoice is due by December 5th.

  • The deposit amount will be maintained in a separate account, which will be applied toward the last month’s invoice.  Parents will receive a final invoice reflecting the correct balance after the last month of service.  Parents  may need to make additional payment if there is an amount outstanding or receive a refund if there is a credit balance.
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