We are a fee-for-service company that has been a Ministry approved ABA provider for over 15 years, working in Toronto, Peel, York, Halton and Hamilton. Over the course of the years we have worked with over a thousand children. As a result of which, we have expanded to 4 centres, increased home based services, and grown our team to over 80 members. Our team continues to be clinically advanced and equipped with the knowledge and understanding to achieve measurable outcomes in communication, social engagement, behavioural management, and school readiness.

Our CEO was an ABA therapist 25 years ago. Her vision, and understanding of evidence based practices, combined with a like-minded, and clinically advanced team, resulted in the creation of AlphaBee – a place where children make progress.

AlphaBee’s 3 Core Principles

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Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of clinical experts and advanced
thinkers are always one
step ahead ….

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Flexible Approach

We work closely with you to develop and
achieve customized goals
for your child….

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Seamless Service Coordination

AlphaBee is a team that provides you with a clear process from intake to service coordination ….

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Our Services include

Expertise: A clinical team consisting of Clinical Supervisors, Senior Therapists, and Instructor Therapists. All services are overseen by a BCBA.

Progress: Ongoing review of your child’s programming is conducted by the Senior Therapist.

Reporting: Progress reports are written and provided to parents semi-annually and update meetings are scheduled quarterly or as needed.

Professional Development: Regular and consistent professional development of the clinical team.

Accessibility: office hours are Monday to Friday 7 AM-10 PM and Saturday to Sunday 9 AM-5 PM.

Our Commitment

We stand by our commitment to you. Learning takes time and a collaborative effort; we will give you the tools and knowledge in order to generalize your child’s learning at home.

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