Aba Jam 2020 Alphabee - Photo of Lisa
AlphaBee is pleased to present at ABA JAM 2020, on March 13th, from 3-4 pm, at Metro Convention Center. The topic of this year’s presentation is “Teaching Learners with Autism to Engage in Verbal Mediation during Complex Tasks.” Speaker: Lisa Kota, AlphaBee Senior Therapist. About the Presentation AlphaBee has been implementing these procedures for over 4 years with great success with many learners, and is excited to share program samples and video illustrations of program implementation! This
Tantrum Aba Article - Child Throwing a tantrum outside
By: Kristin Bain, Senior Therapist, AlphaBee ABA Services. Published in Autism Matters Magazine, Winter 2019, Volume 16, Number 1. Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often engage in a variety of negative behaviours alongside their characteristic language and social skills deficits, and parents and teachers are often left wondering, why? All too often families are told that, “Your child is having a tantrum because they have ASD” or “Your child has ASD therefore they
Aba Articles - Child holding adult
By: Lisa Kota, MADS, BCBA and Natalia Plejic, BA, BST – Senior Therapists, AlphaBee ABA Programs. Published in Autism Matters Magazine, Winter 2017, Volume 14, Number 1. Every once in a while a visionary enters a field and makes an enormous impact. We at AlphaBee believe researcher and practitioner Francesca degli Espinosa, Ph.D., BCBA-D, CPsychol., is one of those special visionaries who is changing the course of autism intervention dramatically and for the better. She